delivering Reliable Solutions

Trillian is a team of developers and project managers who are passionate about solving complex IT problems. We collaborate with clients to deliver reliable solutions.

Java Software Development

We specialize in the most popular programming language for client-server web applications.

Oracle ESB

We provide seamless integration of data and enterprise applications within an organization and their connected enterprises.

Implementation Services

We providing assistance to validate, migrate, and integrate new technologies.

On & Off Shore Software Development

We manage IT services from around the world, helping companies operate effectively and efficiently.

Maintenance & Operations

We support a full range of systems development including administration, network, and data migration.

Requirements Analysis & Definition​

We identify business needs and opportunities by analyzing and managing system requirements.

IBM Watson Health's Watson Care Management SAAS

We deliver the insight and technology needed to address the most complex issues facing the healthcare industry.

Artificial Intelligence-IBM Watson

We use IBM’s suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications, and tools to augment your teams’ productivity.

Oracle SOA

We manage services and orchestrate them into composite applications and business processes that can easily extend and evolve client’s current technology infrastructure.

SPM Software System Upgrades

We prioritize the operational health of our client’s computer systems by gauging, evaluating and optimizing performance.

Software Testing

We provide our clients with information about the quality of our software products and services.

Web Logic

We offer a complete set of services to handle the many details of application behavior automatically and efficiently.

IT Governance

We provide strategic IT services to evolve customer platforms.

Data Warehousing

We provide our clients with large scale data warehouse solutions utilizing the latest cloud and on premises solutions from Amazon, Microsoft and RedHat.

Architectural Engineering

We provide large programme planning, design and implementation of complex IT solutions


What can Trillian Technologies do for your organization?